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The Wednesdays


The Wednesdays meet on Wednesday nights from 7.30 – 9pm at Charlton Kings Baptist Church, Carey Hall, Church Street, Charlton Kings.

The Wednesdays was the original Cheltenham Singing Group and began in February 2014 with only 8 members.  The group has now grown, mainly by word of mouth, to over 40 members – a perfect number for a community choir!


We hold an annual Friends and Family concert, have in the past performed Flash Mobs in local pubs (we even Flash Mobbed someone’s wedding!) and performed at local events over the last few years: Exfest (Exmouth Arms), Midsummer Fiesta, Charlton Kings Community Players Christmas Shows, The Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts, The Community Choirs Festival in Stratford and 'Party at the Castle' - Sudeley Castle.  We have also sung at one of our own member's wedding. We get together with The Tuesdays and The Cheltones for some of our events which creates a great sound!


Song genres include contemporary, folk, world, spiritual,               

a cappella, rock, gospel, jazz....... and many more!