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Benefits of singing

There is no doubt that singing is good for your health both mentally, emotionally and physically! Nowadays there is a mountain of evidence from different sources to support this.

10 reasons why you should sing!



4. Feel Healthy!

Singing boosts your immune system – increases oxygen and proteins in the body that create antibodies.  This could prevent colds and flu.

5. Lung Workout!

Aerobic breathing exercises help you breathe more deeply from your diaphragm – more oxygen – more relaxation!

9. Improved Posture

Standing up straight but remaining relaxed is all part of a successful singing technique.  Good posture will become a habit.

1. More Zzzzzzzzzzz……….

Relaxation, increased oxygen and a relaxation of the throat muscles can help you get a better night’s sleep.  It may even help reduce snoring!

2. Natural Happy Drugs!

Singing releases endorphins, the ‘pleasure’ brain chemical which can make you feel energised and uplifted; produces oxytocin, the ‘Happy hormone’.

6. Stress Buster!

Singing can reduce stress and muscle tension – it reduces the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol; increases positivity.

7. Singing on Prescription

Strengthening of the diaphragm muscle used in deep breathing can help lung conditions such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), asthma and emphysema; helps with memory, alertness and concentration – it is being used to aid memory in Azheimers sufferers; lowers blood pressure.

8. Singing Together as One!

Sharing an interest and experiencing
a sense of belonging can be such a
onfidence booster; enjoying a great sense of achievement when a song is learnt or performed; chatting with other choir members; meeting for social occasions; making new friends; feeling emotional about the meaningfulness of songs…… the list is endless!

3. Sheer Joy!

There is nothing quite like being involved in and listening to music to deliciously feed the soul!

10. Why not?!

How singing has helped our current members


I joined The Wednesdays on the recommendation of a friend in April 2015 and have loved it ever since! I had just finished a year’s treatment for cancer and I was looking for things to help me get back to being fit and well whilst having some fun - and being part of The Wednesdays has done all that and more! There is something amazing about singing in a group - energising and uplifting. Louise is a fantastic teacher who always gets the best out of us while making it fun - we laugh a lot! The whole group is welcoming and positive with a fantastic 'can do' attitude and no divas or egos. I have very little musical ability myself and would never sing solo but have been able to take part in flash mobs and other performances as part of the group - it's been amazing! 


I have always love singing. When I was younger The Dave Clark Five used to play at our local youth club in Tottenham until ‘discovered.  I sang with the next group – but we were not ‘discovered’! Once I started work I didn’t sing apart from at home, as we all do. In recent years I was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease) which is  a smoking related lung problem – even though I gave it up more than 34 years ago.  I now have yearly checkups and on my last check-up (4 weeks after joining The Tuesdays in September 2016) the nurse couldn’t believe the improvement in my lung functions and asked what I had been doing.  Well the only different thing I had done was join the choir and started singing.  She said this was obviously the reason! I really look forward to Tuesday evenings – I have made new friends and feel part of another ‘family’.  We do have so much fun and I go home Tuesday evening feeling really happy and uplifted.


I was a little nervous joining but needn't have been . The choir is an inclusive, friendly group who achieve great

things with Louise's guidance. Wednesday practice sessions are uplifting and having had difficulty sleeping I can

honestly say my best sleep of the week is Wednesday! I would recommend joining a choir like the Wednesdays to

anyone. It is great fun, confidence building and amazing to share the experience of singing with a great teacher and

group of people.

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