Benefits of singing

There is no doubt that singing is good for your health both mentally, emotionally and physically! Nowadays there is a mountain of evidence from different sources to support this.

10 reasons why you should sing!



How singing has helped our current members


I joined The Wednesdays on the recommendation of a friend in April 2015 and have loved it ever since! I had just finished a year’s treatment for cancer and I was looking for things to help me get back to being fit and well whilst having some fun - and being part of The Wednesdays has done all that and more! There is something amazing about singing in a group - energising and uplifting. Louise is a fantastic teacher who always gets the best out of us while making it fun - we laugh a lot! The whole group is welcoming and positive with a fantastic 'can do' attitude and no divas or egos. I have very little musical ability myself and would never sing solo but have been able to take part in flash mobs and other performances as part of the group - it's been amazing! 


I have always love singing. When I was younger The Dave Clark Five used to play at our local youth club in Tottenham until ‘discovered.  I sang with the next group – but we were not ‘discovered’! Once I started work I didn’t sing apart from at home, as we all do. In recent years I was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease) which is  a smoking related lung problem – even though I gave it up more than 34 years ago.  I now have yearly checkups and on my last check-up (4 weeks after joining The Tuesdays in September 2016) the nurse couldn’t believe the improvement in my lung functions and asked what I had been doing.  Well the only different thing I had done was join the choir and started singing.  She said this was obviously the reason! I really look forward to Tuesday evenings – I have made new friends and feel part of another ‘family’.  We do have so much fun and I go home Tuesday evening feeling really happy and uplifted.


I was a little nervous joining but needn't have been . The choir is an inclusive, friendly group who achieve great

things with Louise's guidance. Wednesday practice sessions are uplifting and having had difficulty sleeping I can

honestly say my best sleep of the week is Wednesday! I would recommend joining a choir like the Wednesdays to

anyone. It is great fun, confidence building and amazing to share the experience of singing with a great teacher and

group of people.

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