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About Us

Our Singing Groups meet on a weekly basis at different locations in Cheltenham: Cheltenham Town Centre, Up Hatherley and Charlton Kings.

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About Louise

I have been singing for most of my life and without it life would be very dull! Brought up in Buxton, Derbyshire, I was classically trained from the age of 8 but I couldn’t wait to sing in a band, which I first did at the age of 15. 

I spent my early twenties singing in a band through which I organised and directed music workshops in schools.


At the same time I worked at an educational centre as part of a team, running life skills courses for young people which promoted team work, organisational skills and creativity. These experiences led me to run my own business for a few years designing and leading outdoor team building courses with a creative twist!  Musical theatre was also a passion of mine during my twenties and I took on a number of lead roles, performing in Chesterfield. I was also singing professionally with a corporate dance band during this period.

Later in my twenties, I embarked on my next adventure which was to move to Cheltenham, where I gained a BEd Hons. Whilst at university and over the next 15 years or so, I sang semi-professionally with a Latin American band, was lead singer with a jazz funk band, and sang on the local jazz circuit as well as singing with another function band.


For twenty six years I was a primary school teacher, with a focus on wellbeing and mental health. I discovered a new found musical doorway, arranging for and leading adult choirs from 2012.  This journey began with a school staff choir and led to the creation of the first of The Cheltenham Singing Groups, The Wednesdays, in 2014. 

I cannot believe the joy that I have experienced singing with, and leading others. I feel privileged to meet so many wonderful people, know some of their stories and they often inspire me. I frequently observe little acts of kindness between our members.


My singing and personal adventure is not over yet!


"Louise leads the groups with humour, inspiration and patience in a relaxed atmosphere and is a firm believer in the healing qualities and sheer happiness that singing together brings. She is well organised and teaches main parts and harmonies in a way that is easily accessible to everyone." 


‘The Cheltenham Singing Groups’ learn a variety of genres of songs, offering an eclectic mix of music.  You can never please everyone all of the time! We are not a pop choir but do sing some contemporary songs, perhaps not the most obvious ones, and we also sing folk, country, gospel, global, songs from musicals and many more; most with music accompaniment and some a cappella.  We haven’t put ourselves in a musical pigeon hole! 


Most arrangements are in 3 part harmony, occasionally in 4 parts.  You can choose which section you sing in.  If you are just comfortable singing the melody and are happy to ‘blend in’ you can do that or if you would like the challenge of learning a harmony then you can join those groups.  Some people change the section they sing in for variety – it depends on the song!


Recent events

Benefits of singing

Natural happy drugs

Feel healthy

Lung workout

Improves posture

More sleep

Stress buster

Being together

Learn a new skill


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