‘The Cheltenham Singing Groups’ learn a variety of genres of songs, offering an eclectic mix of music.  You can never please everyone all of the time! We are not a pop choir but do sing some contemporary songs, perhaps not the most obvious ones, and we also sing folk, country, gospel, world, songs from musicals and many more; some with music accompaniment and some a cappella.  We haven’t put ourselves in a musical pigeon hole! 


Most arrangements are in 3 part harmony, occasionally in 4 parts.  You can choose which section you sing in.  If you are just comfortable singing the melody and are happy to ‘blend in’ you can do that or if you would like the challenge of learning a harmony then you can join those groups.  Some people change the section they sing in for variety – it depends on the song!


Here are a few extracts of songs that we have learnt, arranged and sung by Louise, which show some of our song genre range.

Repertoire and Audios

Tell Me It's Not True
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Sunshine On LeithArtist Name
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