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The Cheltenham

Singing Groups


I just want to say thank you for making my Tuesday evenings so enjoyable. You are an inspirational and patient leader, teaching us new songs with lovely harmonies.



I have been in love with music all my life, in whatever genre. I love all kinds of music from country to jazz to opera. Our choir has some of the most delightful people I know. I love them! 


I joined the choir nearly two years ago and if possible will not miss any sessions.  It's great fun, Louise chooses wonderful songs and makes learning the different parts very easy.  The atmosphere is friendly with all the members being welcoming and easy to get on with.

At the end of the session I invariably feel uplifted... a great mood enhancer!

It's my guilty pleasure of the week!


The Wednesdays is just a great gig. Relaxed but achieves great things. You feel better after every session and it’s been lovely to have had the public response at the events we have contributed to. It has the feel of a real community activity. Louise is a brilliant teacher. So come and join us….we need more men. Don’t be shy. Just show up! 


DO YOU WANT TO SING? It started with a YES!

The advert certainly got my attention.

Two years later, I am now part of the wonderful Tuesdays' singing group.   I am enjoying the challenges and have learnt some great songs. I now have a new life, new friends who all enjoy singing and nights out performing concerts.     

And the answer continues with a YES!



I joined “The Wednesdays” about two years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, be it concerts, Flashmobs or just practising in the hall.  It is a very relaxed atmosphere and we have a lot of fun. Louise is a very capable teacher and she puts a lot of time and effort into choosing and arranging the music. It has made me realise how much I love singing! 



Love the vibe of the group and singing is so uplifting. I love it!


Singing with our group is my special 'me' time.  A totally inclusive group where we just love to join together in perfect sync and make a lovely sound.  Singing is good for our heart and soul and in a world where there is so much anxiety - there simply is no better way to lift spirits with like-minded friends.  The Wednesdays have given me this and so much more.  Life is a better place with our choir and I'm so thankful I found it!

It’s better than sex!

Being part of "The Tuesday's" is for me, a lovely singing group to be part of! 😁



I love learning to sing harmony parts.  You get such a buzz when it all works together!

Mentally stimulating, endorphin releasing and a chance to sing your heart out for a few hours with a lovely group of friendly people!


I can’t believe I can really sing!



I love Wednesdays: the warm up, the songs, the banter, and it’s great to make such a wonderful sound!


I really love to sing and I am so grateful to Louise, who puts such a great deal of time and effort in to giving me such a joyful and satisfying singing experience each Wednesday evening - thank you so much Louise!



I joined the Wednesdays shortly after it started, and have loved being part of a friendly group of people who are there simply because they enjoy singing.  There's no pressure but there is a lot of fun! "



I joined ‘The Wednesdays’ around two years ago and have loved every minute of the joyful, enthusiastic, friendly, singing group. I find it uplifting, fun, stimulating and always truly musical with an added dimension that Louise brings to it as our leader. Attending ‘The Wednesdays’ ticks many boxes for me, including sharing a love of singing together, general well-being, mental and social stimulation.



I look forward to seeing the lovely, smiley people and recharging my body and soul. It's a great feeling to hear yourself and others producing a shared sound that is always uplifting. Louise is fun and inspiring and brings out the best in us all!



I am so pleased that I joined The Tuesdays singing group, it`s friendly and fun, and Louise is the ideal teacher, very patient and professional. 



Since joining the Tuesdays I have made some lovely friendships, people who I have not known for long have shown me such kindness and support.  I love singing and being part of this group. It has given me the opportunity to practise songs that I am familiar with and learn new ones.  As well as the weekly sessions we have also been able to perform in front of a number of audiences which has been great fun.



I love the way it opens up new songs and artists, some that I would never have listened to ordinarily.

It's a great feeling being able to sing along with so many popular songs when they come on the radio, knowing that you know the words! Thank you, Louise, for making that possible.


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