We are back to live indoor singing and being mindful of looking after ourselves and others.

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The Cheltenham Singing Groups are groups of people who love to sing together. 

The pleasure of  singing offers so many benefits and of course is very good for your health.

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We currently have the following groups running:

The Cheltones
The Playhouse Theatre

Tuesdays 10:30am-12pm


The Tuesdays
Up Hatherley

The Tuesdays 7.45-9:15pm


The Wednesdays
Charlton Kings

Wednesdays 7:30-9pm

FULL - Waiting list available

The Tuesdays, The Wednesdays and The Cheltones are made up of such a range of people – different singing experiences, ages, occupations, life stories – but what we all have in common is the love of singing. 

The groups are accessible  to all abilities as we learn all songs by ear and there are no auditions! Singing is our birthright!

Here is a joyous flavour of what The Cheltenham Singing Groups have to offer: